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Here are pictures:

COCOLULU sweater/ jacket Size: S-M
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 001
Picture from behind:
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 013

COCOLULU yellow hoodie Size: S
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 017
Picture from behind:
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 021

Blue Moon Blue T-shirt red Size: S-M
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 030
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 037

Blue Moon Blue sweater (There is print also behind the sweater, but I forgot took picture :( ) Size: S-M
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 039
Cocolulu tube bag yellow (Picture is blurry... Ask new pictures if you need some!!!) :D
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 054
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 052

COCOLULU small red tube bag
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 056

COCOLULU messenger/ tote bag
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 028

Buzz Spunky red dress (Bad picture sorry!) Size: S
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 061

Buzz Spunky dress 2 Size: S
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 066

COCOLULU necklace, bangles and phone holder
vaatekuvat 27.2.2014 078

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saw you leave a comment on someones page

saying you have a yumetenbo pink cat ear one piece dress that you are willing to sell

i would like to see it!!!

contact me "

What's the price for the Cocolulu bangles, necklace and phone holder? Also how much it'll cost the shipping to Spain?

Are you still Interested in them? :)

I'd like to know first the price and shipping cost (bangles and necklace only)

Bangles and necklace would be total 10euros.
I don't ask much because those are not that expensive items.
Where do you live? I will check shipping costs when I first know your home country. :)

Oh! Sorry you already told me that you live in Spain. T___T My mistake....
Priority mail cost 6.10euros and Economy mail 5.20euros.


Did u sell all of this item ?

Hey! I'm sorry my reply is late. I haven't been here in live journal for while. :) Yes! I'm selling them all.

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